MEETINGS 2019    


January 15th - 18th   Brownsville, TX Minister
Feb. 14th - 17th    Humble, TX General
Feb. 22nd - 23rd   Ft. Lauderdale, FL International
March 2nd - 5th   Fond-Blanc, HT International
March 15th - 16th   Hillsboro, OR Regional
March 22nd - 24th   Louisville, KY (CC) Regional
April 18th - 21st   Brooklyn, NY Youth/International
April 23rd - 26th   Jacksonville, FL Minister
May 6th - 10th   Shepherdsville, KY Youth/Work Week
May 24th - 26th   Des Moines, IA International
June 10th - 14th   Shepherdsville, KY Camp Meeting
June 21st - 23rd   Green, OH Regional
June 27th - 29th   Homestead, FL Youth
July 10th - 12th   Montreal, Canada International
July 10th - 12th   Little Rock, AR Youth
July 11th - 14th   Louisville, KY (CC) Youth
July 24th - 27th   Homestead, FL International
August 9th - 11th   Louisville, KY (Cane Run) Regional/Youth
Aug. 15th - 17th   Belle Fourche, SD Regional
Aug.31st - Sept. 2nd   Louisville, KY (CC) General
Sept. 11th - 14th   Brooklyn, NY General/International
Sept. 26th - 29th   Shepherdsville, KY Camp Meeting
Nov. 20th - 23rd   Portland, OR Regional
October 15th - 18th   Mt. Carmel, IL Minister
Nov. 22nd - 24th   Sterling, IL Regional
December 3rd - 5th   Louisville, KY (CC) Regional/Minister
Dec. 27th - 29th   Mount Carmel, IL Youth
    Meetings 2020  
Jan. 16th - 19th   Dominican Republic International
February 13th - 16th   Humble, TX General
April 9th - 12th   Brooklyn, NY Youth
April 21st - 24th   Jacksonville, FL Minister
May 4th - 8th   Shepherdsville, KY Youth/Work Week
May 5th - 8th   Portland, OR General
June 8th - 12th   Shepherdsville, KY Camp Meeting
June 21st - 23rd   Green, OH Regional
July 17th - 19th   Kampala, Uganda International
July 23rd - 25th   Homestead, FL Youth
August 12th - 14th   Nassau, Bahamas International
October 1st - 4th   Shepherdsville, KY Camp Meeting
Nov. 3rd - 6th   Wichita, KS General
 Nov. 25th - 28th    Portland, OR  Regional



A = Anniversary, F = Fellowship, G = General, R = Regional, 
M = Minister, Y = Youth, I = International, D = Dedication


UPDATED 11-26-2018

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